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Simple. Reliable.

Care in your home.

Providing You with Health Care at Home.


Our domiciliary care and support services are designed specifically to meet the needs of older people, who for a variety of reasons are unable to adequately care for themselves and their homes


Our services are designed specifically to meet the needs of older people. Our services include but are not limited to:​

  • Getting up

  • Medication

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  • Bathing

  • Social support

  • Domestic tasks

  • Sitting service


We are are always trying to improve our reputation with: service users, local authorities and the care quality commission:

Better Care Starts with You!



Genuine carers management is highly reliable and understanding and does things above and beyond especially Jo and Mahmoona. 

However, the standard of care provided by the carer varies. Carers Safia, Kiran and Rizwana are hard workers and reliable 5/5 if I would score them. They document their second-to-none care, use their time wisely and communicate well with my mother and me. 

While others are okay and unfortunately not as good, and I would say 3/5. Some carers need to communicate better (literally) and be more compassionate. Sometimes they are supposed to be with Mum for 30 minutes but would leave in ten minutes. I had to highlight the importance of companionship and patience in dealing with my Mum. 

The company is trying their best to provide the best care. Perhaps the other carers who were not as proficient as others need further training and learn to provide compassionate care, especially towards elderly dementia patient, who is not only compromised physically but mentally/emotionally

-Caroline M 

Genuine Carers Oxford is absolutely fantastic!

I would not hesitate for one second in recommending the carers or the management judging by the way they care for their clients.


The communication is remarkable and the Care Managers are lovely. They deeply care about their service users and are always sure to go above and beyond.


Highly recommend Genuine Carers Oxford services for domiciliary care. They are very professional. A robust care assessment and plan is delivered to a high standard for both my mum and sisters care needs.


There carers are well-trained and aim to be time and if delayed inform us so we are not left in lurch. Have a dedicated team always on a call and you can call them at any time.


If you need something changed it's done straight away. Care team are reliable and friendly, have the right attitude to their duties and responsibilities .


They are polite and well mannered and most very efficient.'

-Ess Khan​ 


Professional, kind, and considerate during the whole process. We feel incredibly lucky to have found Genuine Carers ltd! 

Genuine Carers are fantastic professional carers from their top management to their staff on the ground. Genuine carers make every effort to help and support the person they are caring for and their families.


They work collaboratively with people and listen to their needs . The high level of care they provide my mother has given us as a family peace of mind knowing she is in good hands. 

The staff help and support my mother in a very kind, considerate and encouraging manner. She is really happy with the support and service she is receiving from Genuine Carers , and we as a family are happy knowing mum is happy and supported by such a lovely group of people.



“My carers have changed my world and have given me my dignity back.


Words can not express how grateful I am to them.”

-Nigel Herbert​ 


“The carer gives me excellent care.


She is obliging and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble. Her culinary skills are first class and so are her household capabilities.

-Audrey Stone​ 


“Genuine Carers has been a godsend.


My mother feels like it is her daughter that is coming to give her care. I have never seen her so comfortable.”

-Kishwar Bibi​ 


“Could not be better. Always kind and helpful.

-Sayeeda Begum​ 


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